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A Rose Amongst the Thorns

Sometimes you are their Madonna

But you will always be known as somebody’s Magdalene.

A totem of world’s desire, the beauty full of sin.

Never they try to unveil what’s beneath the surface

And never they have longed to.

You’d rather be bruised and paraded,

Than to see how far you’d go once unleashed.

Air is your ally

Silence is all the music to your ears.

An attempt to resist remains unheard.

The frequent excuse is, you were asking for it.

Your mind is wrapped in soft chiffon,

The sacred blanket to keep one away from stain.

Hoops and chains of gold glisten on your

sun-kissed skin,

The proof that you’re far from being just plain.

It is said in every home

You are the crown itself that shines alone.

You are the refuge to those who dwell in the dark,

To those who are blind, they seek your light.

You are more than just what you think you are,

In whatever place you are put, you are a stellar.

Fighting for what is right is what you live for,

You may cry and you may break,

But you keep going with vigor.

You are the mother every child loves,

The daughter, whose parents are so proud of.

There is a young man, thankful to have a sister in his life,

Nonetheless on your own,

You conquer the world’s chaos,

For you are not giving in without a fight.

You are worthy of love and respect,

Whatever choice you make.

Your woes are heard, you will be celebrated

Their time is up, it’s your turn to take the stage.

For this, for everything

You have come so far.

You are the woman.

Yes, that is what you are!

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Ray of Light

The ray of light penetrates the windows of the soul,

Wanting and not yielding.

The bright ray of light, prying the shutters open,

Yet they remain closed, unwilling to be broken.

Shining and blinding, is the ray of light.

Even the tallest of trees, the strongest of the mountains

and the smallest of the flowers

Are dying to get a glimpse,

To bask in its glow.

The hurts ceases the pain to smile,

The withered sheds its tears to blossom.

But this light,

This ray of light

Is never enough

To summon,

to reach

The soul that is already weeping in the dark abyss.